Ride to Bileshwar

Once I saw a beautiful place on Facebook posted by another rider of my city. I messaged him and asked which place it was. He replied – Bileshwar. I searched Bileshwar in maps, but 3-4 places with same name found. I again asked him which one was this, and he guided me about the route and place he rode to. We planned our next sunday ride to Bileshwar.

We needed to ride about ten kilometers on a busy highway upto Beti village to escape from city life. A smooth and single lane narrow road started here. The road was without any kind of traffic, and with beautiful plantation on both sides, but just for one and a half kilometer. Then we crossed a railway line, and after that the road was going parallel to railway line with small villages on other side. We crossed Bileshwar railway station, and reached Bileshwar village on few km’s ride, but couldn’t find the temple and place which I had seen on Facebook post. We went approx a kilometer ahead, and then decided to return back. While returning we went to railway station. Bileshwar is very small station, and very few train stop here. We were welcomed by lots of stray dogs seating on railway platform (without platform ticket !!). We turned around immediately and got back to road towards Rajkot.

In return ride, we stopped for a cup of tea and snacks, and returned back to home. This ride was not so pleasant, but was memorable because of welcome by dogs!

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