Ride on serene beach of Madhavpur

Some times back I saw an advertisement of a car in which a beautiful coastal road alongside a serene beach was shown. That time, I just liked the beach and road, but didn’t care too much, might had thought that it must be location some abroad. Later, a couple of months back I encountered with snippets of the same ad and this time it was a part of promotional campaign on social media by Gujarat Tourism. Oh my god!, this beach is just in neighbourhood of mine, and I didn’t know it, alas! The beach featured was the serene beach of Madhavpur, what a lovely beach and coastal road along.

My mind of thinking about riding the cycle on the Madhavpur beach, but busy work schedules at office didn’t allow me to do so. I was in search for a long weekend holidays, and the day came where two days off was in next week.

Madhavpur is approx 300 km from my place, and can not be done in two days on cycle; so we loaded our cycles on car and left early in the morning on one nice Saturday. Goal was to enjoy sunset and early morning ride at Madhavpur, so we were free for leisure whole day. We directly drove to Junagadh, and than a little deroute to Girnar forest. Unloaded cycles and took them to the lush green forest. Girnar forest or Gir forest is mainly costisting of Palash tree (Flame of the Forest / Bastard Teak / Butea monosperma). The jungle was turned full green after the monsoon rains. The ride passing through grassland and jungle in post monsoon in muddy trails was fantastic. Riding with pleasant smell of the soil, sweet voices of birds chirping was one of the best riding experience. We returned in couple of hours to talhati where our car was parked, loaded cycles back on the rack, and went for some snacks.

We started driving again towards our destination. The road was in too bad condition with unbearable potholes, but somehow we managed. After crossing Junagadh, the road was good, we stopped near Kanaza for lunch. There is one famous dhaba near Kanaza, where delicious traditional food is served. After finishing our lunch we headed directly to Madhavpur, passing through coconut farms near Mangrol.

We arrived to Madhavpur in afternoon hours. There is one small and only hotel in Madhavpur. We checked into the room and took rest, as we were tired and were woke up early today morning. After having rest and shower in hot water, we felt fresh in evening. There is one famous temple and a Osho Ashram in Madhavpur, but we walked directly to the beach to enjoy sunset. Although the beach is serene and beautiful, the water current here are dangerous, so going into the water is not advisable. We sat on a sand dune till the Sun dipped fully into the sea water at horizon. Returned to the hotel, had our dinner and thought of stroll around the town.

Next day, we woke up early, and took our cycles, the Sun was yet to rise. We rode on the beautiful coastal road enjoying rising sun at one side and beauty of sea on another side. We went till Mocha Hanuman some 11-12 kms from Madhavpur. This place is one of the best temple site I visited. It is a small temple alongwith an ashram, but so peaceful and sacred with beautifully landscaped gardens, that can not be described in words. Morning tea was offered to us by courteous staff of ashram. While returning to hotel, we stopped near beach. At this time now few vendors were there selling tender coconut water, we sat there on beach watching endless sea while drinking coconut water, ah! what a lovely feeling.

While returning we visited beach at Chorvad. In fact, we can not say it a beach, but its like a rocky sea shore. Enjoyed time with rocking sound of waves at high tide. There is an old palace, which was then converted into hotel, but now its in no use.

Ruins of Chorvad Palace

Our next stop was at Gadu where so many vendors were there selling tender coconut, again we had it. Reached home till late evening, with breezing memories of pristine beach.

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