A ride to Analgadh fort

After doing ride of approx 90 km till Bhootnath Temple and back, we were now confident and excited to do more & more and weather was in our favour. We planned a ride for next Sunday to Daleshwar Mahadev Temple and Analgadh fort. This time only Chirag and I were for the ride as Ankur was busy in some family functions.

We started early before dawn and took Rajkot-Gondal highway. This highway is one of the busiest highway, but the plus point is that the road is decently wide and service roads are there on both sides. We rode non-stop for 10-12 km and then stopped for a short break near Pardi village. In just couple of minutes, we started again, and reached Ribda village passing through industrial area of Shapar.

We left highway and took countryside road from Ribda. The road was narrow and in too bad condition but it was beautiful as there were large tree and vegetation on both sides of road. Light drizzle was started when we reached Ribda. Farm fields were looking serene in drizzle. The drizzle remained till we reached Daliya village where Daleshwar Mahadev Temple is there.

Daleshwar Mahadev Temple is a small temple. A small seasonal spring flowing just near the temple, and a large garden with lots of tree plantation. The place is habitat for lots of peacocks and their chirping melodies fill romance to the atmosphere. Overall this place is ideal for a day picnic with family and friends.

We enjoyed there for few minutes, rain was stopped now. People around were so courteous. They offered a cup of hot tea, which was the need after drizzling rain, and riding for nearly 30 km. We asked route towards Analgadh and left this beautiful place. We were feeling hungry, so stopped at a small shop at Vadadhari, and had some dry snacks. Rain started again when we left Vadadhari, but we continued to push pedals, and reached Analgadh. Rain was stopped by then.

Analgadh is a very small fort on the top of a small hillock. There is a historic temple too adjoining the fort. There is a small but beautiful and well maintained garden on top of the hill. Views from wall of the fort are marvelous. The entire hill was covered with greenery making it perfect destination during monsoon. We sat there for few minutes and enjoyed the view.

Analgadh Fort
A view from Analgadh Fort

Return ride from Analgarh was too easy as there was descent for first few kilometers. We crossed couple of small villages and reached Mahika. Stopped for refreshment for a while and continued towards Bhunava. Again stopped at Bhunava for snacks, and took Gondal-Rajkot Highway from here. As we started ride, rain in high intensity started, but we continued. Rain was really pouring, but we enjoyed the ride in rain. One thing we learnt that we do not get tired while riding in rain. We didn’t stopped anywhere and rode continuously in rain for more than 20 km, and then halted for a while and continued. It was raining till we reached home, and we were fully soaked in mud!

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