A failed attempt to ride till Chotila

A week had been passed, we bought our new cycles and we were riding just for commuting to office. On one fine Sunday we planned to visit Chotila on our newly bought cycles. Chotila is approx 50 kilometers from Rajkot.

It had been just a week of our cycles, and till now we hadn’t shopped for any cycling specific apparels or gadgets. This was going to be our first long ride, so we weren’t knowing anything about how fast and far we shall be able to ride. The only thing we had was, our self (over)confidence and mental preparation.

We started at seven in morning, and took Rajkot Ahmedabad highway. First few kilometers were slow but pleasant ride, as the sun had just rose and the daily routine traffic was not yet started. We reached Kuvadva in about an hour with few stops for photography on the way. We got self encouragement by knowing we had cleared distance of 16 km in less than an hour that too with short breaks. After a short break at Kuvadva, we started again but now the ride started giving us little tiredness as heavy vehicle traffic started plying and we needed to be careful on roads. On reaching Bamanbor bypass, we chose to leave highway and took road passing through Bamanbor industrial area, to escape from traffic. After completing this stretch we again hit the highway, and till now traffic was more than earlier when we left the highway. Our legs were also started giving feel of stiffness. We stopped at one tea stall for refreshment and after little discussion, we dropped our plan to ride till Chotila.

We started riding back on a too busy highway. Hot, humid and sunny weather was not allowing us to ride more than couple of kilometers in single stretch. We needed to take short breaks all over at every couple of kilometer. Anyhow we reached Kuvadva, totally exhausted. Took a longer break with some softdrinks and snacks. We reached home by 12 noon with sore bums and fatigueness. We rode total 62 km in a failed attempt to ride till Chotila, but were too much happy that we did our first fifty in first ride.

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