Ride Safety & Rider’s Responsibility

Ride Safety

  • Always wear a helmet. Additionally, if you are into off-roading too, its advisable to put on knee and elbow guards too.
  • Stay Visible. Wear bright coloured helmets and clothes. If riding in twilight or dark, wear retro-reflective jacket, and use proper head & tail lights. Its also a good idea to ask someone to help you checking your visibility to others.
  • Use appropriate hand signals to let drivers and other riders in your group know your intention to turn, stop etc.
  • When in group, ride in a single raw and keep safe distance between cycles.
  • Ride in the correct direction, never ride opposite the traffic flow. Always follow traffic rules.

Rider’s Responsibility

  • Bag it or Bin it: Do not litter around. Carry a small bag for trash collection. Put plastic wrappers and other trashes into this bag, and when a trash bin is found, trash can be transferred to that.
  • Do not intend to buy packaged drinking water as and when needed. Instead, carry a refillable bottle, which can be refilled anywhere. Drinking water might be the last thing anyone can refuse to give.
  • Do not pollute natural resources of water like river, lake etc. which come across the ride path.
  • Do not disturb wildlife. Those who love riding countryside and trails, often come across many animals and birds. Let them live their way, who we are to disturb their routine life?
  • Buy food or other things from small shops in villages rather than carrying along or buying from malls. This helps people running those shops to a great extent and overall economy too.
  • Always be ready to help other riders you come across, whether you know him/her or not.
  • Respect local traditions. Seek permission before clicking any person or at any religious place. Always wear a smile whatever the situation may be. Smile on a face mostly wins even in an unknown place too.
  • Keep the trail as beautiful as it was.
  • Be yourself an example, encourage others do the right thing.