It’s never too late…

Few years back, an age of 40 year was considered as – ‘old’. Now, I would say, at 40 you are more enriched with wisdom, have seen ups and downs of life experiences, and have a stable financial status. Till now, you have done a lot of things, made your career, grew your children, tried each and every efforts to make you and your family’s life more stable and enjoyable, but all these were at loss of your personal enjoyment, alongwith developed lower energy levels and stubborn fat around the waist.

At this moment, now it’s time to start enjoying your life and at the same time taking care of your body too. If you are not mindful of your lifestyle, your metabolism may drop, and start picking up weight. Most people take as granted that the growing age leads to a decline in vitality and active life, but I know you do not want to be in those – ‘most people’, do you?

There is always an option for physical activities, like joining a gym. Indoor activities help firming up muscles and strengthens joints, but where is your that cheering face which you were used to wear while your college life? Well, running or cycling under the sky amidst beautiful nature can do both job for you.

If you are looking for physical activity option to burn calories and lower the risk of diseases caused by lifestyle, cycling is best option for you. Cycling causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise. At the age above 40, peak bone mass starts to decline resulting in lumbar, hip and knee problem. Cycling, being the non-weight-bearing, it doesn’t hurt the bones the way running or walking may. Cycling gets you out in the fresh air, improves cardiovascular system and strengthens muscles, but is easier on your knees than running. Cycling allows to build strength and stamina without hammering your joints. At forties, it’s just the perfect time to start and most enjoy the cycling. Regular, steady paced ride for atleast 45 minutes for 5 days a week increases speed of metabolism and stamina. Add 15 minutes to this for meditation and yoga, as reflexes slow with age and deteriorating sense of balance at this age is more common. Meditation and yoga help keeping neural system enriched.

Cycling helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and make you feel happy. Have you ever seen anybody sad on cycle! You always look younger on a cycle. Forget that anti-aging cream, your fountain of youth is on two wheels. Just ride.

You’re never too old to grow young. It’s really never too late to start cycling.

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