How to plan for cycling to work?

The easiest way to put cycling to work is to jump straight on your cycle without being prepared. Yes, its correct. Its like the thing we usually do for exercise; I’ll start from 1st, or will do from Monday or seeking a company, we shall do it. All such plans never turns into reality.

Just look for few things before you start, and you’re through:

Safety First: If you leave your office after dusk, invest in good pair of lights. You must be visible to others on road. If your route is mostly on well lit lanes, then a pair of good quality reflectors will do, but I suggest for lights only.

Plan your route: Remember,the most direct route to work may not be the pleasant. Usually most people make the mistake of riding the same routes they are used to. Most such route are having busy traffic and not enjoyable. If you’re already riding for fitness or pleasure, take few such rides to search for best possible route to work. Remember, this route plan is for home to work only, for route from work place to home we shall discuss later on.

Once, you have planned your route, take a practice ride on weekend. This practice ride helps to know the time taken to reach, and boosts up the confidence. You are free to make alteration in the planned route at this time.

Keep time tolerance: Keep few minutes extra when you schedule to leave for work. This extra minutes help during unforeseen traffic conditions or need of last minute change in route. You should be riding at very relaxed speed. Remember, its not the race and it should not be. If ride duration is not taken into consideration, a commute ride may turn into race.

Don’t plan for return route: After work hours, you are not in hurry to reach home, so take advantage of it. You are free to choose any route, whether it may be a bit longer or a way passing through narrow lanes, flee market place what so ever it may be. The motive is the ride should be pleasure, it shouldn’t be like compulsion. Few of such lanes, you might ever hadn’t been. This helps exploring the own city by other view. On return ride, you may take route to wave an old friend, or do some grocery shopping on the way.

Start Easy: You may start commuting to work once or twice a week, and then increase its frequency.

Check Other Routes: Once you’ve established a good route, search for other routes, and occasionally change your routes. This keeps the tempo continue, and riding interesting.

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