Cycling to work

Most of us own a decent cycle and take it to daily morning ride or a weekend leisure ride, but very few among us take cycles to their work place, why? If you bought your cycle for fitness, the commute to work gives a good amount of exercise and if you bought it for fun and leisure rides, then cycling to work isn’t anyway lesser fun. Here are few reasons what I personally found or experienced in two yours of commuting to office on my cycle.

Cycling to work gives a very good exercise without need of sparing time specially for it. Cycling improves breathing cycles and builds up stamina. Cycling sharpens memory, improves grasping and overall improves brain performance. You definitely perform well after a good ride from home to work.

Cycling to work place is fun. Cycling slows you down allowing you to observe surroundings along the route, listen to the birds, notice so many things you might never had seen earlier on the same route. Cycling back from office to home makes you happier by reducing stress and anxiety. You always enter your home in cheerful mood.

Cycling to work obviously saves a lot money. I saved cost of my cycle in just one year of fuel cost.

Cycling to work saves time. Yes, you read it right. Time consumed in city traffic or finding place for parking is not the case with cycle. Cycling gives freedom of riding on narrow lanes saving time and taking off that main road’s traffic. It also opens the door to explore the own city.

Cycling to work gives immense satisfaction of going green – ecofriendly way.

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