Pedal & Saddle is a cycling community of enthusiastic people, dedicated to pure pleasure of cycling. We are average cyclist, not at all and never be like professional cyclist into any competition. We love enjoyment of the ride, rather than comparing who is fastest or who climbs hill without any break. Our emphasis is on enjoying countryside, beautiful nature, whilst getting some good exercise.

The importance of taking time for oneself and to build physical and mental strength is too often left on the back burner. Most of us live without including physical exercise on the daily agenda. We can not neglect the importance of escaping the fast-paced and demanding environment of urban life. Soon what started off as a necessary escape from urban life turns into a habit, then a lifestyle.

Taking morning hours on a weekend into the countryside in order to get back to within the nature, being and giving oneself the gift of peace. Going where the road leads and challenging the body to its limits. What’s more, finding a sense of belonging in a riding group with like minded individuals, all united with a passion for cycling. Getting off social media, and making friends the good old way – getting back to basics.

Cycling is our passion and we encourage cycling. We promote to develop community with other like minded cyclists. Pedal & Saddle community is not limited to any particular area or region. A community rider may be riding anywhere in the world. We encourage riders to share their thoughts and ride stories. The basic motto behind starting this blog was that while searching net, all you find about cycling is shared by professional or experienced cyclists and very few by beginner or average cyclists. We welcome all those who are out for enjoyment of ride, no matter where do you ride or how much distance you covered.